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A visit to Edinburgh: Your date with history

Edinburgh is globally recognized for its summer festivals and Hogmanay parties. But at any time of the year, Edinburgh has a lot more to offer. At Edinburgh, one comes across a UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, characterized by its cobbled streets with mesmerizing sights such as Gothics buildings, which make the streets a delight to traverse.

On the other hand, Edinburgh is also known for its New Town with wide streets and Georgian mansions. Overall, the great culinary culture of Edinburgh makes the destination a foodies’ delight. The destination is highly adored by lovers of architecture and artifacts. Edinburgh has a rich historical heritage and numerous historical sights to offer for all visitors. The best part about a trip to Edinburgh is that it need not necessarily be an expensive affair.

During the daytime, the great outdoors including parks are a treat to explore for all visitors to Edinburgh. They are in the backdrop gigantic castles and feature flower beds and manicured lawns. One of the finest examples of the same is the Princes Street Gardens, which makes among the finest picnic spots.

Then, Inverleith Park is among Scotland’s biggest urban parks, located a mile beyond Edinburgh. Close to it is the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, which has 70 acres of trees, shrubs, and flowers. The 10 glasshouses create a range of spectacles, such as the deserts and the tropics.

The castle is then among the most coveted sights in Edinburgh, and the ticket entitles a tourist to a visit to the National War Museum as well. Another attraction that should make it to your itinerary when on a visit to Edinburgh is the historical churches at the destination. They include the Greyfriars Church. This also has a monument dedicated to the loyal canine companion, Greyfriars Bobby.

St. Giles Cathedral is another attraction you may not want to miss when at Edinburgh. At the cathedral, one is likely to find lunchtime concerts on most days. Running through the schedule will give you a fair idea of when the concerts will take place. Similarly, there are organ recitals on Sundays at 6 pm, being a part of which is a mesmerizing experience in entirety.

Investing in Edinburgh city pass is a fine option at your disposal in case you are planning to visit several attractions across the city. One gets entry to a staggering 23 attractions with Edinburgh city pass, including Scott Monument, Zoo, and Edinburgh Dungeon. A Forth boat tour, hop-on hop-off bus tour, and an airport transfer are supplementary convenience features that come as a part and parcel of the Edinburgh city pass. This makes exploring Edinburgh an inexpensive affair. One also has a choice at going for any of the three versions of the Edinburgh city pass, one day, two days, or three days. Children’s fare will be lesser than adults’ fare in all of the three cases.

One should also make it a point to visit and discover Edinburgh’s museums and galleries when at the destination. Most of them enable free entry for visitors. A few of the top among them is the National Museum of Scotland, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Writers’ Museum, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and the Scottish National Gallery.

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