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Best spots for a glimpse of wildlife in the United States

The US is among the finest places for a glimpse of rare wildlife and attracts patrons in large numbers from all across the world every year. When in the US, one can find time for sighting wolves at the Yellowstone or going kayaking with the manatees at Everglades.

  1. Grey Wolves

The best place for sighting grey wolves is the Yellowstone National Park at Wyoming. After going extinct in the 1920s, Grey wolves were reintroduced to the Yellowstone wilderness in 1995. One can find 100 of them over there to date. A road sighting of grey wolves at Yellowstone is reasonably commonplace.

  • Bald Eagles

Bald eagles are one of the factors that signify America, and while one spots bald eagles, one is very likely to find golden eagles and peregrine falcons in the process. The bald eagle’s head glints in the cold light. At San Juan Island, there are 125 pairs of nesting bald eagles, one of the highest densities across the US. They loom over the prairies, looking for salmon or rabbits.

In San Juan, one comes across 300 species of birdlife. The San Juan Islands are an archipelago of 170 islands. While most of them are uninhabited, they are also wildlife lovers’ paradise. San Juan Island’s Lime Kiln Point State Park is among the best sites in the world for whale watchers.

  • Bison

Yellowstone National Park is again the top contender for odds of sighting bison in the wilderness. There used to be a time when fewer than 325 remained at Yellowstone. They are now over 4,000 in number at the sanctuary and move unfenced. Bison make the largest among wild herds in the US.

When you visit the Yellowstone National Park in July, you can find young Bison locking horns in a rutting session. During the spring season, one also stands a good chance at spotting some grizzlies. Upper Yosemite Falls at the Yellowstone National Park offers exquisite views of wildlife from the top. Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota is another top destination for bison sighting. They frequently wander in herds.

  • Brown Bears

Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska is the best place across the United States to spot Brown Bears. One can also catch a glimpse of wolverines, caribou, otters, orcas, and beluga whales at the destination.

Each year, when thousands of salmons migrate to Alaska, Brown Bears have a grand feast before they hibernate. Sometimes, they find it difficult to catch salmon because the fish is slippery. Brown Bears fight for the best fit positions for themselves to fish and the sight is unforgettable.

Katmai’s Brooks Camp along the Brooks River features three bear-viewing platforms within a walking trail that extends for 1.9 km. There are numerous glimpses worthy sights at this highly photogenic destination, including sapphire lakes, glaciers, and volcanoes. Tourists are particularly fond of the hiking treks over here, while grizzly sighting is another preferred activity for the tourists.

The best times of the year to visit the destination are between July and September. At the Brooks River, September is the salmon spawning season.

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