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Los Angeles: An all round holiday for your family

Los Angeles in Southern California is internationally recognized for its significance in the film and international industry. Hollywood is a particularly well recognized destination in Los Angeles, and aspiring actresses and actors have been coming to Hollywood from all across the United States for over a century.

Hollywood is a suburb of Los Angeles. It features a unique history and has a range of must-see enchanting iconic sites. They include Hollywood sign, Walk of fame and Hollywood Boulevard. The Chinese theatre over here is a great destination, and it may be a fine idea to reserve a day or two for sightseeing over here.

LA currently is a culturally diverse city. It is sometimes known as the creative center of America. When on a trip, a visitor is sure to come across numerous fun family attractions, fine museums, astounding shopping experiences, and a vibrant culinary scene.

LA is also a prime destination for all people who love to soak up the sun. Beaches at LA are alive and buzzing with activity. Another prime advantage of making a trip to LA is that there are plenty of attractive neighborhoods close to LA that tourists frequent. Getting there has been made easy over the recent years using public transportation.  

Metro Bike Share, in downtown LA further simplifies commutation to LA neighborhoods. Riding a bike in and around LA is quite an experience. In case you visit with your family, you are just about sure to make multiple visits to Universal Studios and Disneyland.

When in LA, Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory make one of the must visit destinations. Griffith Park is located in the eastern section of Santa Monica Mountains and spans across 4,210 acres. This makes it the largest park in the state of California. 

At Griffith Park, one comes across the Los Angeles Zoo and the Griffith Observatory. Similarly, other top attractions over here are a planetarium, hiking trails, golf courses, tennis courts and a riding center that was created for 1984 Olympic Games. The scenic drives and walking trails over here are mesmerizing.

Griffith Observatory is among the best experience-based attractions that LA has to offer. The site is free for public visits. One can see through the Zeiss telescope over here, and see the moon, the solar systems and the galaxies beyond. A few of the solar telescopes are here as well, used for observing the sun.

Then, Disneyland is probably among the most coveted destinations in LA. It is a premier site for family vacations, and tourists have been frequenting Disneyland since the 1950s. The catchiest feature about Disneyland is the theme sets they create for rides and experiences. 

The Disneyland California Adventure Park was made during one of the expansions. It features numerous action packed rides that adults like to enjoy with their family and friends. Over here, one also comes across seven lands that are based upon movie themes.

There is more to Disneyland than the rides it offers. Wandering the streets is a fun experience. The restaurants, cafes and the entire ambience is a foodie’s delight and make a great holiday experience.   

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