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Top destinations to visit in England

England is among the most popular tourist destinations from all across the world. Numerous travelers do not go beyond visiting London, for the great city it is.

However, smaller cities in England such as Bath and Oxford form an equally spectacular sight and should make it to a visitor’s itinerary. Just as an instance, Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles, and has a rich musical culture.

When in the UK, one comes across majestic mountain ranges towards the North, along with rolling hills in Stonehenge and Cornwall. The entire destination is abundant with rich estates and is a mine of natural beauty. Irrespective of your sightseeing preferences, you are sure to come across the attractions you like in the UK.

When in London, you wouldn’t want to miss the cafes, clubs, restaurants, free markets, parks and museums. Similarly, coastal towns in the UK such as Brighton are recognized for their summer festivals and parties. At Weymouth and Dover, one can surf large waves to one’s heart’s content.

Cornwall, similarly, is a foodie’s delight, with its beautiful lakes, great cuisines, hiking trails, and mesmerizing sights. In the summertime, Lake District is the destination to be at, and one can sail around in pristine lakes.

One should catch sight of Buckingham palace when in England, which is also the home to the queen of England. Admission to the Buckingham Palace is slightly expensive, but it’s worth the while. The change of guard over here is one of the top attractions.

The Tower of London is another attraction that one wouldn’t want to miss. But the ticket queues are long, and one needs to plan accordingly.

For your weekend trip, Brighton is among the best possible alternatives. The narrow streets over here create an intimate atmosphere. Numerous locals visit the destination to relax on the beach.

Chatsworth House at Derbyshire is another one of the top places where a visitor would want to be. It was built back in 1549 and has undergone numerous refurbishment projects since.

In the UK, there are several enchanting homes and castles, but the Chatsworth house is the best among the lot. One has a lot to traverse by foot over here, and they got their own farmyard and a stunning garden.

During summers, several festivals take place across the UK, and being a part of them is a delight. One of the best is the Glastonbury festival. One should check out the lineup of the festivals in the UK, and figure out the ones that one would like to attend.

Numerous destinations across the UK attract art and architecture fanatics. When in Salisbury, one should visit the Stonehenge, which is among the oldest man-made structures across the world and dates back to 2,500 B.C.

The site involves a mystery, and scientists are still not sure about how the stones were dragged to the site.

Greenwich Park in London is also a visit-worthy site. It is one of the largest parks in London which has many historical sights, a rose garden, mesmerizing pathways, the National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Observatory.

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