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Visit To Bibury: A Journey Back In Time

When in the UK, Bibury makes a prime destination for a visit for its exquisite beauty. The prime attraction at Bibury is cottages that have been around right since the 14th century. This makes Bibury among the prettiest sites in the UK. Let us take a look at the top destinations to visit when in Bibury:

  1. Arlington Row

At Bibury, one comes across Arlington Row. This is an iconic site and is so popular that it is featured over the UK passports. In the backdrop of River Coln, the English cottages at the quaint street are a sight to behold.

The cottages at Arlington Row are the most well-known group of houses across Britain. They initially were created as weavers’ homes and also used to be monastic wool stores. In the backdrop of Rack Isle water meadow, the cottages create an enchanting site.

At Bibury village, one also comes across independent shops. There is a highly frequented section for wining and dining, which promotes a timeless ambiance.

  1. Bibury Trout Farm

Bibury Trout Farm is one of the top attractions over here. It is among the oldest trout farms from all across the UK. When you get an opportunity, make sure you spend some mesmerizing moments fishing at the 15-acre farmland.

Over a century has passed since Bibury trout farm has been popularized as a tourist destination. While the visitors enjoy the matchless beauty of the place, they also get to learn more about rainbow and brown trout. It is a must-visit spot in the Cotswold village.

  1. Barnsley House Gardens

At a short distance from Cotswold village, one comes across the Barnsley House Gardens. One should spend some time over here, exploring the great outdoors. 

  1. Chedworth Roman Villa

When at Bibury, one should also make it a point to visit the Chedworth Roman Villa, among the biggest and most fascinating Roman Villas across Britain. The Chedworth Roman Villa is located in the tranquil Cotswolds valley and is now maintained by the National Trust.

The villa dates right back to the 4th century. One has a choice at visiting the museum and going for guided tours over here.

  1. River Coln

The English countryside a Bibury looks just like a picture postcard, and River Coln flows through it. A Lechlade, River Coln joins the Thames. River Coln is a preferred destination for fishing in picturesque settings.

  1. St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church was built in the 12th century and is a destination with a rich heritage. The carved doorways take one into a journey back in time. Norman carvings give one a lot to admire at the Church. The medieval windows are a sight to behold.

In particular, when one is an admirer of architecture, history, and artifacts, the site becomes a must-visit. The green meadows surrounding the location add to the essence of the destination. Bibury is also a photographers’ delight, and one can leisurely stroll the place with one’s loved ones for a refreshing and memorable holiday.

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